понедельник, 17 июля 2017 г.

GM to MT-32 translation

Say, you have Roland MT-32 (a wonderful vintage synth) and want to play random MIDI files through it which obviously are General MIDI. But MT-32 is instrument-incompatible with GM because it was produced before GM was proposed.
But it's possible to substitute the instruments (aka "Program Change" in MIDI).
In Windows 95/98 times it was done with Instrument Definition File (IDF). The file can be found in QuestStudios.

Nowadays the IDF is useless. So I found a software that can do this in modern Linux environment: QMidiRoute from AlsaModularSynth project. It can do the translation work for you.
So I prepared the QMR to do GM → MT-32 translation. The script that generates the file is here. Enjoy!